Floating Bridges on ‘Fire’.

It’s hard not to be biased when it comes to The Floating Bridges.

1. I’ve known the boys in the band for quite some time, and The Point has supported them from the get-go

2. They’ve been gracious enough to adopt me into their tribe, even have me fill-in on bass for a few shows when Rohan was away

and 3. Their music is just so damn happy and infectious.

Tonight, we’re here to ‘officially’ launch their new EP, ‘Fire’ (which I did the design work for, FYI).

Disappointingly, it’s a bit of a fizzer crowd-wise, BUT the audience that IS here are very acceptive and loving the music on offer.

Those Old Soles are up first. The little band, that’s not a band, but plays like one, with myself on bass, Rohan on guitar and vocals, and Cale on drums – we get into the swing of things with a dirty stomper of a track called ‘Dyin’ Day’. We don’t practice, we just play and feed off each other, and apparently it works.

Old Soles throw in a few covers – Ash Grunwald, BB King, Ben Harper, and a Bob Marley tune, mixing it up with our originals, ending with the now-getting-quite-known tunes, ‘Walking Home Blues’ and ‘Monster’. It’s a good little warm-up session, and I get my performance fill for a while.

I head outside for a quick drink and smoke, and chat to some of the punters while The Greenroom get ready for their set.

These guys have a really neat, smooth pop-reggae approach, and with a completely new rhythm section, these guys still rocked it. Watching the band from outside I noticed something different with the bass player. He’s cranking a Ukulele Bass! I’ve only just been introduced to these wild instruments. They have the portability of a ukulele, but due to their fretless design and using Silicon Strings, plugged in, these things sound like an upright bass. Incredible.

Alex’s vocals are very smooth, and the band give off a great vibe (though Alex later admits he felt awkward playing an electric guitar tonight, instead of his usual electric acoustic). These guys will be heading into the studio early next year to record a proper EP (they do have a ‘live’ recording on offer at the moment).

Now it was time for the Bridges. I would have to say, these guys are one of the most hardest-working bands the Sunshine Coast offers. They’re now experimenting with their line-up, with second Vocalist, Dale now moonlighting as percussionist on certain songs, freeing Adro up to concentrate more on the didj work.

No matter how big OR small the gig is, The Floating Bridges give it their all. You can see they just love to play their music, and they do get the smaller crowd up and dancing around.

Going through their repertoire of older songs, new tracks such as the Dub Song, Paranoid, and Promises to the Land, and of course all the tracks off of the EP they are launching, the Bridges work up a huge sweat.

I know this because I was lucky enough to be called up to join them on their song, ‘Fire’ and finishing up the song, patting Dale and Rohan on the back, you could see the sweat splashing off their shirts.

Yes, it was a disappointing turn-out, but regardless of this, it was still an awesome night with everyone enjoying he music on offer.

However, I don’t quite remember most of the drive home… not sure if that’s a good thing.


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