Pipes. Awesome Pipes.

You have got to love going to free nights of music.
1. Because you get to ‘risk’ seeing new artists without having to really pay for it (drinks excluded, of course)
2. The vibe is generally a lot calmer/friendlier.
3. The calibre of musicians playing at these are usually very VERY high
and 4. It’s fucking FREE.

Deb from Circle of Sounds, together with Alex (singer from The Greenroom) help to put on live nights of music, for free, at Hotel Maroochydore every Thursday night. These Alternative Nights can be seen as a showcase for talent, and man, there’s some talent to be seen. I’ve been to quite a few of these and have been blown away by the artists on offer.

Tonight, I’ve come out not knowing the artists on the bill, so I have no idea what to expect. And this, this made it even better…

There’s a little crowd gathering around the ‘stage’ (I say the term loosely, as it’s just a space in the corner that’s delegated to the musicians. Young Scott Mellis opens the night. I watch patiently as he starts his groove, with a slightly percussive style of guitar playing, I’m intrigued. However, as soon as he lets the sound emit from his mouth, from that, I’m blown away.

This guy is good. Stupidly good. He has everyone captivated. There are points where you can hear him channel the late Jeff Buckley into his style, blending in with the cruisey style of Jason Mraz, Scott’s got skills. He’s got great control over the use of his dynamics, both with his voice AND his guitar playing. He pulls back to it’s almost a whisper, then can build the song at a whim. That takes a shitload of talent to do that. He mixes in balladry with some funky, light grooves, and lets his voice soar at the right moments. The quirky, fun number, ‘My Little Honey Bee’ is a great way to end the set. He’s been overseas over the last 8 months, filling in some amazing support slots, and will be on the Coast until January, so if you see his name thrown about, definitely go see him play. Go ‘like’ him on Facebook even – Click here to do so.

ShaRon Brooks and her backing band cap off the guest artists for the night. A new mum, she’s bought her little one with her tonight, with her family and friends in full support. ShaRon definitely has some pipes on her. Kicking off with a blues/funk version of Blackbird, she demands attention from the get-go (and given that I’m a huge Beatles fan, she gets automatic kudos). The backing band are solid and tight, and allow ShaRon’s voice to really push through, but still blending in with the sound. Her soulful sound can really push, and her delivery is awesome. Got to love watching musicians that truly LOVE what they are doing.

Afterwards, the open mic sessions are, well, opened up and I’m stoked to see Carl Wockner get up with another singer/guitarist (apologies, I didn’t get your name)… and it continues from there.

Got to love seeing the music community, both players and music-lovers come together to support this little night and witness different talent.

Truly, you do need to get out to one of these nights if you haven’t done so. It may just change your perspective on shit.

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