The Point shirts… proudly worn by Coast musos and music-lovers.

The Point Sunshine Coast has been somewhat of a sociological experiment – unitying the Sunshine Coast music community (and it’s ex-pats) and getting them to work together to make the scene strong again. As the Bump Crew pointed out last night in a bit of small talk – the scene is gaining momentum again. The Point may or may not have something to do with this (we like to think we do). But one thing we’re downright proud of is seeing folks out there wearing The Point on their chest, loud and proud. The Point makes stuff all money, so what little financial support that comes in from sales of shirts and donations is greatly appreciated. We’ve created this little blog page to show off those wearing their The Point shirts. Love your work.



nambour orig

Rob Stanley Repping in The M Room

Tonksy with DLC Crew and his PCT shirt

tonksy with DLC and Black Devil Yard Boss

The Original

Ash from Lending Her repping behind the kit

Editor with Clint Boge from TBE/Thousand Needles in Red

Jigging at the 2010 The Point Party (photo courtesy of Emma Naylor Photography)

Cleveland Blues (photo courtesy of Emma Naylor Photography)




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