Flumin’ heck – Snack Size Review


I love seeing other people’s reactions to a great local band that they haven’t seen before. There’s something gratifying about it. For a trio like The Flumes, who are steadily gaining momentum and really are rare musical animal, the reaction is completely just.

The Flumes are now a regular at the Sunday sessions at SolBar, but since Sunday nights are out of the question for me (Sunday nights are when Parental duties kick in), this is my first time to see the trio with the new addition of Bam Bam on the kit.

I loved seeing Bam in a different style. Where most are familiar with her hard-hitting, driving beats in Cleveland Blues & The Red Eye Junction; in The Flumes, though appearing subdued, she slots in nicely with Stephan’s bass grooves, and Kate’s hypnotic harp and vocals.

These guys won the crowd over quite early (Ever heard wah wah on a harp? Totally strange but awesome-sounding), and put on a hell of a support for main act, Kingfisha…

…of which all I need to say about this fantastic reggae band is this – they are like the best slice of mud cake you’ve ever had: smooth as fuck, rich, tasty, and once finished, you want more.

(dammit, now I want some mud cake).

– Rooster


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