Flannelette, Minor Elite, The Flumes – Coolum Beach Hotel – review

It been a long time between reviews..

But I think it has been building up to the fantastic show we all at Coolum saw last night..

The Flumes… Amazing would be an under statement, I had no idea what i was in for but hearing great things on the grape vine,.. I kicked back with a beer in hand, suddenly these magical sounds filled my ears, soothing my soul to its very core. The sound of the Electric Harp was intense, bass rounding out the edges and chick drummer Bam Bam tackfully placing a solid back bone to this soul- wrenching melodic orgasm, it truely was the first time I have been so mesmerized by such sounds… I will be heading out to see this band again.

Next up was us ”Minor Elite” but somebody else can tell you about us … Im not about to rub our own stalk.
(*Editor’s note – Minor Elite – epic alt rock with folk touches… big sound, huge melodies, rock without the bullshit… ‘dig’em.)

Flannelette , creating heavy to softer sounds, with lead vox the easily rivals ”the poor” they put together a vast set of originals that would fill any evening cranking a two hour plus set, their sound vary’s from melodic hard rock , to gentle moments that get the crowd moving…

A great night had by all, special thanks to Greg from Coolum beach hotel for putting up another venue for our local scene to showcase such great talent that is here on the sunny coast….

– Charlie Todd Whaite from ”Minor Elite” checking out till next time pointsers ‘keep rockin’


2 thoughts on “Flannelette, Minor Elite, The Flumes – Coolum Beach Hotel – review

  1. Oh yeah the delights of north queensland filter thru…the flumes awesome…always been awesome and keep getting better! Is there a better-er english work for aweseom-er-ness…think I just made it up…does not sound as good as The Flumes!

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