The Floating Bridges go Chasing Sunsets with launch

Long-time followers of The Point would know of my special connection with The Floating Bridges – not only are they good mates of mine, and accepted me as one of their own during a tough time, but The Point was the first to promote the boys, and continued to do so.

So, it was an absolute honour to be a part of their momentous launch of their first full-length album, ‘Chasing Sunsets’.

The weather was looming on the bad side, with some pretty random and ominous downpours on the night, but good music prevailed, and the night saw the SolBar start to pack out to capacity.

Kicking off the night with their delicious blend of roots and hip hop, The Lyrical prove themselves to be a fantastic warm-up for the crowd. For a two-piece act, these boys pack a melodious punch and captivate very easily, despite only a short-ish set. The mixing of reggae-styled vocals, island-beats, and the occasional beat-boxing was surely a sight to be seen, and for those that have not seen a show by The Lyrical, I highly advise that you check them out the next time they’re on the Coast.

From roots hip hop onto hip hop funk, in2nation keep things rolling with a highly energetic set. Frontman (and SolBar’s epic bardude) Mick Dog keeps the crowd engaged with his passionate rhymes, which towards the end almost become a metaphoric call to arms to demand that the current evolution of music change. A solid rhythm section, funkalicious guitar licks, and smooth splashings of saxophone all meld together, lathering up into a funky frothy mess. The view from the sound/light desk saw the crowd gyrating and bouncing to the beats, with clever dynamics by the band.

Backstage, The Floating Bridges were getting ready for a very big performance. Not only were they launching their new album, ‘Chasing Sunsets’ to a (sold out) home crowd, but this was also to be drummer Reece’s last home show… and what a show it was. The whole album was to be played in its entirety, with some old favourites thrown in for good measure. The band, walking on to the stage, were greeted with whistles and shouts, and rightly so… these boys have worked hard to easily become one of the Coast’s greatest musical treasures.

Starting with album opener, ‘Soul Searcher’, it doesn’t take long at all for a sweaty pool of people to converge and dance; the anti-rain dance it would seem. The view from side of stage (I was band guitar tech for the night) saw the boys giving it their all, and the crowd taking in every damn minute of it. It didn’t take long for honorary Floating Bridge, ol’ Uncle Cowboy to leap up on stage with clapsticks in hand… and this is one of the things I appreciate about the Bridges – their ever-accommodating attitude and appreciation of inspirations to their songwriting, especially when they invite the lovely Bianca Bond up (her passion for the traditional owners of this land – for whom she speaks for – equals that of the Bridges and their approach to their performance).

With clothes shedding, sweat dripping, and the crowd cheering, this show was over way too soon. Stand out tracks (personally) on the night were ‘Long Way to Go’, ‘Can We Shall We’, ‘Paranoid’, ‘Fire’, new single ‘Like to See’, and encore ‘Spanish Split’ (with the extended ending that just about drained bassist Rohan).

From The Point Sunshine Coast, to The Floating Bridges (and management)… we’re proud of you boys and what you have achieved. To my fellow musicians, regardless of genre, take note of what these lads can and do achieve… they are fantastic examples of what level you can get to if you put the hard work in (and I know a lot of you are very capable of that).

As for the afterparty… well that needs to be kept under wraps. Let’s just say that I didn’t get home until 7am the next morning.

A massive thank you and well done to SolBar as well, for their constant support for bands like the Bridges.



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