Single Review – Dear Willow ‘Father’s House’

The Sunshine Coast is on a roll with producing talented female singer/songwriters, with the success of Ayla, Sahara Beck, & Mia Wray, and with the new single, ‘Father’s House’, you can add Dear Willow to that list.

Dear Willow (EmJ Dau in the non-musical world) has one of those voices that is soft, and slightly melancholic, yet has a ferocity to it, just pushing it enough to break away from being too innocent-sounding.

‘Father’s House’, though sounding relatively simple and being driven by big drums (becoming somewhat of a Heliport Studio trademark – the same studio responsible for Ayla’s ‘Wish I Was’), has a LOT happening in the background. Listening to this on normal speakers, and you’ll flow along with the reverb-drenched vocals, acoustic guitar strums and driving drums, but put headphones on, close your eyes, and you’ll be surrounded by the mini-orchestra that appears.

Violin, Cello, Xylophone, a choir of EmJ’s… oh my.  You can get deep into this song.

There’s a big climax in this song, and is it is about to reach its peak, you’re almost waiting for some kind of big stadium rock moment… and that’s where the song tricks you, pats you on the head, and says, ‘gotcha!’.  It’s a nice touch, and breaks away from the predictable pattern.

If you’re a fan of Lisa Mitchell, and of course, Ayla, and have yet to see Dear Willow play (she plays frequently on the Sunshine Coast and surrounding SE Qld areas), you’ll love this track.

This song has the potential to be a winner, and has enough of an ‘earworm’ in it for longevity.  The question now is… what’s up Dear Willow’s sleeve next?

‘Father’s House’ will be available on iTunes upon release.

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